Doing a WordPress KC meetup, we shared how to engage website visitors using live chat, popups, and making above the fold content engaging. When adding engagement to your website, it’s key that you understand what your website visitors are looking for. Using a tool like Ubersuggest can help you find out what your target customers are looking for.

Why engage website visitors?

engage website visitors - grow visibility - kim beasleyBy interacting with your website visitors, it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with them. By building a relationship with your website visitors, it could encourage them to become part of your community and even become loyal buyers. According to CrazyEgg…

Most importantly, when user engagement is high, you’ll find that your audience becomes more loyal. You’ll notice more return visits and higher conversions, because your website simply works.

So when you engage website visitors, do it with the purpose of having them return to your website consistently. Those who return to your website is finding something on your website that’s appealing to them. The returning visitor can then be converted into loyal buyers.

How do you engage website visitors?

Great question and the three ways we suggest are using live chat, popups, and above the fold content. According to Elegant Themes, “What really matters is how engaged your visitors are with your website.” Below is a presentation we shared at a WordPress KC meetup with more details about three basic ways you can engage website visitors.

After watching this presentation and if you have any questions about how to engage website visitors, please feel free to visit our Contact page and send us a message.

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